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Except if Starlink blocks you as they say they will do if you don’t have one of the 2 maritime contract which costs for the cheapest one 1000 USD monthly ! And a lot of black zones here or there in Pacific and Indian Ocean . 

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Le 25 mars 2023 à 11:57, Barry Connor via <connor_barry@...> a écrit :

Hi Scott,
Yes, this is definitely a game changer. I have been juggling 5 SIM cards and using marina WiFi with too many users.
I am taking off my bullet Digital Yacht antenna fixed on the side of my rear arch. No longer need to amplify any cell signals. Hoping to feed the cable through to the chart table.
One extra bonus I just found was when using the Express VPN with the StarLink you can access many more sites that were blocked when connected via a cell signal or a marina WiFi. I haven’t found any that I can’t connect to. Before now I couldn’t get on to Government or semi Government sites as they knew I was out of the country. These are sites that you can access if you are in the actual country.
Safe sailing for your plans, we might take up our original plan and go through the Panama Canal.
Very Best 

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On Mar 25, 2023, at 5:11 AM, Scott SV Tengah <Scott.nguyen@...> wrote:

Good to hear. I purchased my Starlink over Christmas when they had a 1/2 off special on the hardware and recently activated it as I was tired of limited coverage, bandwidth and data limits associated with regular 4G. I have to say, once we turned it on, it was like our experience when we first went off grid with lithium: life changing. I smile at the thought of being able to call family while anchored off an uninhabited atoll in Micronesia. 

Happy to hear that it works outside your home continent. We will be going from NZ to Asia this upcoming season and while I am certain Mr. Musk will start charging for ocean data usage, customer service has responded that even the non-maritime service will work near shore, where we spend most of our time.  

I intend to disable the motors and install it on the same plane as my solar panels. Where do you plan to have the final install?

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