Re: StarLink on Amel 54

Slavko Despotovic


today as was checking Starlink web site and there is no RV version any more. Now is called STARLINK ROAM and it is written: "Immediately access high-speed, low-latency internet on an as-needed basis at any destination where Starlink provides active coverage. 75 €/mo with a one-time hardware cost of 450 €".
And  follows: The new Flat High Performance Starlink allows users to enjoy high-speed, low-latency internet while in motion.

With a wide field of view and enhanced GPS capabilities, the Flat High Performance Starlink can connect to more satellites, allowing for consistent connectivity on the go.

The hardware is designed for a permanent installation on your vehicle and is resilient in harsh environments.

Currently available for order and use in select markets.

I might read it in a way that suits me but as I understand there is no limit to territory and it only limits it to ACTIVE COVERAGE ( when one clicks on active coverage it will open the page with world map).

SM 2000
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