Re: [Amel] Plexiglass

Patrick McAneny

Tom, I replaced the two front windows in the cockpit a couple years ago. I
ordered the plexiglass online ,then used the old ones as a template and cut
them out with a saber saw. You need the cut slowly so not to melt the
plastic and use a very fine blade.Sand off the edges with probably 220 .I do
not remember what it cost me but I am sure it was less than $200. and maybe
4hrs. to fabricate. Good Luck,

Pat SM 123

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thomas.kleman@... writes:

Don't know the source of the damage (new boat to us) but our plexiglass in
the cockpit is scratched/damaged in places. Looks like either UV or someone
went crazy with an abrasive compound. Anyone have a source for replicating
the four pieces ? I asked around my marina and was shocked at the prices I

THX- Tom and Kirstin on L'ORIENT SM2K #422

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