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Hello Pat, You could take it to a local electronics guru and ask him to check the power transistors as these are the ones that make the connection to the 12 volt rudder drive.

Worth a try, John, SM319 Bali Hai

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Richard, I have 24v going into the computer terminal but nothing coming out
to the motor.I figure the computer is responsible for making this happen,(
electric to flow out the other terminals to the motor.) I could send it
off to Ray Marine, but I suppose they would charge a fortune to fix it or
more likely tell me to replace it.
Thanks,Pat SM123

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Hi Pat, did you check the power terminals to be sure the connections are
good at both ends?
You might also try a jumper between a good working 24 volt terminal set
and the 7000 to see if maybe there is a wire issue.
I'd do a lot more checking before looking for a replacement.$$$$
Good luck.
Richard and Joan on SM 209

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I sprayed Corrosion X in all the terminals saturating the wire and
connections. The autohelm is still displaying a low battery message.I fear
I may
have to replace the computer. If anyone has any thoughts to anything else
problem may be, I would welcome their insight.

Thanks,Pat SM 123

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I first came across Corrosion X in Trinidad where they told me that the
heavy duty Corrosion X was the only thing that would prevent rust on the
travel lift. I have used it ever since. Last week it brought a water pump
back to life. Unlike WD-40, Corrosion X is a good high pressure lubricant.
I agree with you that the stuff is great.

Miles Bidwell SM 216 (LADYBUG)

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