Re: [Amel] Maramu Galley Sink Drain Question

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Hi Kent,

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Hi, Howard,
That is how Amel does their grey water. We have to be very careful on
Kristy SM243 not to put any foodstuffs down the sink, but even so will
get a funky smell from the bilge every few days even when we're not
cooking...just from shower/sink drainage. I put a little bleach and a
little soap in each of the sinks and run it into the bilge, let it sit a
while, then pump it out using the whale pump that takes almost all of
the water out (rather than the electric pump that leaves a good bit in
the bilge). If I do that about twice a week I don't get any smell from
the bilge, and I use the whale pump on a regular basis to keep it from
drying out and make sure it works.

I'd be interested if anyone else has another solution to the grey water
smells. I have thoroughly cleaned the bilge last Fall, but it didn't
really change the odor issue.


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