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Howard Berger


Thanks for your replies, gentlemen, and thank you for confirming the sinks are intended to drain into the bilge.

I think we're going to see if we can come up with a solution that utilizes the cockpit scuppers to get the water overboard. Will keep you apprised of our progress.

Best to all,
s/v JAZZ Maramu 144

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Hi Kent/ Howard,

Having tried most things you mentioned my solution has been to
regularly remove the pipe and strum box ( still attached by
the suction pipe to the whale ) and then to hi pressure jet
wash the sump, keeping your face well clear and extending the
jet face to the very bottom of the sump and thoroughly
cleaning the base around the earth straps. This, together with
pumping with the whale every few days on board, keeps the
smell at bay.

Malcolm SM464

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Hi, Howard,
That is how Amel does their grey water. We have to be very careful on
Kristy SM243 not to put any foodstuffs down the sink, but even so will
get a funky smell from the bilge every few days even when we're not
cooking...just from shower/sink drainage. I put a little bleach and a
little soap in each of the sinks and run it into the bilge, let it sit a
while, then pump it out using the whale pump that takes almost all of
the water out (rather than the electric pump that leaves a good bit in
the bilge). If I do that about twice a week I don't get any smell from
the bilge, and I use the whale pump on a regular basis to keep it from
drying out and make sure it works.

I'd be interested if anyone else has another solution to the grey water
smells. I have thoroughly cleaned the bilge last Fall, but it didn't
really change the odor issue.


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