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Hi All, We have a 1982 vintage Mango wich had the same system. I'm quite surprised to find out that such a prestigious yacht as the Super Maramu still uses this system. The previous owner of our boat was a ship builder as was so revolted at the thought of grey water in  the bilge that he made the forward shower with a watertight sump and it's own special pump and float switch. I think its teed into the head outlet. The sink doesn't drain into the bilge either as I have never heard the pump go off when the plug is pulled. I'll have to check when I'm at the boat next to see what he did there.....Cheers... Conn SV Jasmyn 

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This may seem bizarre but its true. Even though we religiously prevented ANY food material (using paper towels to wipe out food and milk residues, we had some odor problems in previous seasons. However, during the last 2 seasons we have eliminated another source with impressive results--HAIR. Yes hair. Nothing smells worse than even extremely small amounts of hair in the bilge. I know this sounds far fetched but it made all the difference--for those of you with XY chromosomes, when you shave your beards, wipe the hair and shaving cream off you face with a paper towel and throw it in the trash. Those of you with XX chromosomes, do the same with leg and underarm hair. While the plastic mesh catches longer hairs, shorter ones pass right through into the bilge with devastating olfactory results.



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We are installing new sinks in the galley on Maramu 144 and it looks like the boat as designed had them drain directly into the bilge. Is that correct? If so, I don't much care for it as I can envision food particles winding up there and rotting.

Would appreciate any feedback from other Maramu owners.

Howard Berger
s/v JAZZ
Maramu 144

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