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Hi all:

I have never experienced this issue but then I only get to be on my boat for about three weeks at a time. I do use some bilge cleaner in my bilge about once a week while aboard.

Please keep in mind that chlorine tablets and the resultant released chlorine are very corrosive to metals. Chlorine is a gas and may find its way out of the bilge to other nearby metals. If you have ever left the lid off your chlorine table bucket for a few dasy you will find corrosion on metals nearby the bucket. There is a keel bolt and the copper grounding strap in the gray water bilge that could be adversely affected by the dissolved chlorine and the gas can spread.

Have those who use the chlorine tablets noticed any issues in this regard?

Gary Silver
Amel SM2000
Hull #335

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This is the most useful piece of information I've seen in here for a
while. It has provided me with and instant solution to a problem I've been
unable to properly overcome since purchasing my SM2 three years ago.

Thankfully I've got the solution before leaving the ABC islands for the
San Blas islands where I suspect any enquiries for items such as chlorine
tablets is unlikely to result in anything more than blank stares by way of

Thank you and thank you again Trevor.

"Bootlegger of Mann"
Amel SM2 # 321

Hi Gary,
just chuck a couple in the bilge every two or three weeks when
living on board and I always throw in three or four before I leave
the boat for a while.
I have no idea of brand, but the boat has been in South America for the
past eighteen months and I have been able to find them in hardware stores
or supermarkets. Every time that I do spot them I tend to purchase a
your aye,
Seafever of Cuan
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Where do you put the chlorine tablets? In the bulge? Second,where did
you get the chlorine tablets (vendor,size, type, etc.?)?
Gary Wollenberg
"Bozo Cinq"

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when I bought my Super Maramu in 07, there were several bottles of
chlorine tablets on board, similar to those that you would add to
a swimming pool daily. I couldn't understand what these were for
,so I threw them out!
Mid Atlantic December 2008 the smell was so bad I was ready to throw
the fridge over board. The odour had travelled to the fore and aft
cabins from the bilge along the plastic pipes, it was gut wrenching.
On arriving in Brazil I had Patrick Nagels from "Amelcaramel" on board
and I was apologising for the smell. His reply,
"don't you have any chlorine tablets on board? everyone in France uses
I have never had a problem since!
fair winds,
Trevor Lusty
Seafever of Cuan
no 425

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I KNEW someone would have answers to the odor problem.
Thanks, Bob, will give it a try.

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This may seem bizarre but its true. Even though we religiously
prevented ANY food material (using paper towels to wipe out food and
milk residues, we had some odor problems in previous seasons.
However, during the last 2 seasons we have eliminated another source
with impressive results--HAIR. Yes hair. Nothing smells worse than
even extremely small amounts of hair in the bilge. I know this
sounds far fetched but it made all the difference--for those of you
with XY chromosomes, when you shave your beards, wipe the hair and
shaving cream off you face with a paper towel and throw it in the
trash. Those of you with XX chromosomes, do the same with leg and
underarm hair. While the plastic mesh catches longer hairs, shorter
ones pass right through into the bilge with devastating olfactory



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We are installing new sinks in the galley on Maramu 144 and it
looks like the boat as designed had them drain directly into the
bilge. Is that correct? If so, I don't much care for it as I can
envision food particles winding up there and rotting.

Would appreciate any feedback from other Maramu owners.

Howard Berger
s/v JAZZ
Maramu 144

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