Re: Chain Counter

Daniel R. Scoggin

My chain counter recently quit working. I found previous posts very helpful and thought I would add this update. I ordered the new sensor from ifm efector in Exton PA. Contact info: phone 800 441-8246 > fax 800 329-0436 > web > email: info@....

The original part IB5076 was not readily available (the one with 3 wires) but the IB5124 (the one with 2 wires) was in inventory and available for immediate shipping. The price as $98.00.

As described in previous posts installation was simple. The original 3 wires were brown, black and blue. To install the 2 wire sensor cap off the brown - connect the blue (neg) wire to terminal labeled 2/4 and the black (pos) wire to the terminal marked 1/3. Secured with a couple of spots of silicone the sensor has worked perfectly since installation.

Hope this helps,
Black Diamond SM #430

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