Santorin issues - bilge, water tank, a/c, electric winch...

Amalia Sunto

Hi all once again,

Thanks for the valuable info you have shared me, I have inspected the Santorin I am aiming to buy last week and there are few issues which I could not find answers to:

Where can I buy new electric motors for the furlers and their estimated cost? as well, wouldn't it be wiser to replace these with electric winch?
in this regard, the Santorin is coming with 2 winches in the cockpit, is there a good spot to put additional one?

Bow thruster failures - I learned that reverse steering is not effective due to the distance of the prop from the stern, obviously the Bow thruster is crucial for maneuvers - what is needed to be on the safe side? or maybe any modifications are possible in order to have steering ability while reversing without bow thruster?

I would also like to add A/C unit - any recommendation for the proper size (someone told me 16BTU for aft + main cabin - overkill? to less?

I have also found that lifting of floor plates in the main cabin to have a look at the bilge is not easy as in other boats (except of the passage to for cabin and under the kitchen sink) and not commonly done - is it necessary to check or there is literally nothing to check below (I understood there is no real space underneath)?
still in the same, how do I access the water tank (in the keel)? is it likely I will need to access there in the future?

just curious - how is the Keel connected to the hull? as I couldn't see bolts or anything else?

I know it is a bit long, and can get answers in 'pieces' ...


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