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Hi I for got that they will ask you for your French tax numbers as well. They made it impossible to bank in the EU.
You'll need much more luck then we have had over the last two years there.
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We will be in the Mediterranean next year, arriving about mid-year and will be there at least 1 year.

We are closely watching the Euro weaken to the dollar, as I am sure a few of you are. While we were in New Zealand, the USD strengthened to 2 times a NZ dollar for a short time. We opened a NZ bank account and wired what we thought we would spend during our stay. We locked-in our exchange rate by transferring dollars to NZ when the NZ dollar was at $0.50 to the USD.

We are thinking about the same sort of plan by taking advantage of the weakening Euro.

We are looking for folks that can recommend banking contacts in France from current, or recent experiences. We need to be able to open an account by email, post, or express courier then wire-transfer funds to the account.

You can contact us directly at BillandJudy"at"

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