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Heike & Hardy,

I am convinced that you are making a very good decision on the Amel brand. My wife and I own a Super Maramu 2000 rather than a Santorin, but as you know, there are similarities. The following is a list of things I put together for someone buying a Super Maramu...most of these are in addition to all of the normal things your surveyor will check. Possibly it will help you:

• My experience with an Amel is that the components and systems chosen by Mr. Amel operate in harmony and balance. I have seen serious problems caused by modifications that change this harmony. Document all of the non-Amel modifications previous owners have made to the boat. Verify with someone familiar with Amel that the modifications are not harmful to other systems. You can probably get an experienced answer by posing a question regarding a modification to this group.
• Have the ground (bonding) system for a leak or short. Modifications can change how these systems were designed and electrolysis can ruin your day. If you are your surveyor is not familiar with how to check this, find a marine electrician…identifying a problem is this area will be worth the cost.
• Check the Amel specific Periodic Maintenance Schedule and document that Amel recommended maintenance has been performed. A copy of the Super Maramu Maintenance Schedule is at
• When was the last time the brass wear bushing and 3 seals were replaced on the propeller shaft? Max should be less than 800-1,000hrs
• When was the last time seals were replaced on the bow thruster? Max 2 years
• Check for play in the bow thruster propeller…any noticeable play means that the nylon hub and steel pin plus all of the nylon screws should be replaced…replace oil, seals, etc. when doing this.
• Look for signs of water in the front cabin...water stains on the carpet inside the storage under the bunks. (this is likely caused by leaving the bow thruster deployed when sailing). But, if there are signs, get an answer.
• The water maker is an expensive it for at least an hour and check to see if it is making the rated amount of water and have the TDS measured (should be less than 500ppm and if new membranes as low as 100ppm. A TDS measurement device will cost as little as $25USD and all of these devices use the same Siemens chip.
• Run the washer for a full "Economy" not worry with a dryer cycle as the dryer is not good and you will not use it.
• Run the three A/C units...but not while the water maker is running...too many amps.
• Load-test each of the batteries
• Get someone to check the rigging standing and running...probably no problems, but this will ease your mind that you have a good starting point.
• Locate the two extra sails: mizzen ballooner and foresail ballooner and the running rigging for these sails.
• Check the top of the rudder post...everything tight? Any signs of water?
• If equipped with an AutoProp, when were the bearings last replaced?…probably should be replaced at 2,000 hours
• Check the electric furling on the headsail and the main furling and outhaul. Should operate smoothly and without grinding gear noises.


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