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Hi Heike & Hardy

I am the owner of an Amel Santorin from 1993. In my experience very little
can go wrong with this model and it is basically identical to the Super
Maramu except for all the very expensive and maintenance demanding systems
like water maker, air conditioner, generator etc.

My largest problem with my 1993 model was the vinyl inner liner which
eventually got loose from the heat in The Med and did fall off. This has
given me a big job reattaching the vinyl. Besides this I would recommend to
check the engine and sails. And be very careful that there are not made
unauthorized modifications to the electrical system. This can be a nightmare
to fix or rewire as the Amel drawings (in my boat) are hand-made and in
French. This actually goes for all the documentation except the Perkins
engine which is luckily also in English.

I would also recommend to check the servicing of fire extinguishers and life
raft. It will be expensive to renew the life raft if the service is overdue
or the raft is more than 13 years old – which is about the service-life
producers like Zodiac recommends.

Electronics are sturdy and unlikely to fail – ever. But most Santorins got
old instrumentation which is expensive to integrate into newer technology.
If a boat got the old B&G Hercules system you may need to upgrade ROM’s and
buy a special NMEA-capable display in order to connect it to auto pilot etc.
But it is possible.

Hope that this helps.

Good luck with your search. I would recommend an Amel Santorin at any time
to serious sailors.


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Hello Judy and Bill...

thanks so much for this long answer... we will extract all nesessary itmes
and will prepare a list of checkouts and questions we will use when visiting
an offered Santorin next time...

Of course AMEL is fantastic... we have seen the AMEL 54 on a fair (BOOT in
Duesseldorf) here in Germany in Jan this year... unfortunatelly our budget
is not so big ;-))) LOLOL so we have to think a little bit smaller... and...
we do not have children so a boat of the Santorin size will be perfect for

Do you know, if there are members out of Germany here in the forum, owning a

And do you have some experience with the people at AMEL itself... who can I
ask for more detailed information about the Santorin...

Again many thanks from Germany and good luck to you and your familiy...

Heike & Hardy...

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