Re: [Amel] Amel Super Maramu 1991 -price?


Take a look on the Yacht World site regarding prices as they vary from boat to boat based on condition and equipment. You may also wish to contact Joel Potter in the States he is a broker that sells a lot of Amels.
Good luck
Richard SM 209
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Subject: [Amel] Amel Super Maramu 1991 -price?

We are considering buying a Super Maramu from 1991, however with engine and generator from 2007. What would be an appropriate price for a boat this old? Is 200.000 Euros too much asked? And question nr. 2: what are the 5 greatest benefits of the Super Maramu and what are its weekest points. The aim is long term sailing with family (incl. 2 younger kids)in the Med and Caribbean.
Thanks for any advice.
regards, Ingo

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