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We too use an antenna on top of the mast using a spliter VHF/GPS and get very good contacts with major ships with our receive only unit. AIS is a very good safety device. We prefer using a stand alone display unit as there can be to much clutter on the Furuno radar/plotter in T-stroms.
Richard SM209
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Eric & Richard,

VHF is line of sight and rarely bounces. Mounting at the top of the main mast gives you around 10 miles further reach than mounting on a rail. The "range gained" formula is: 1.17 times the square root of the additional height in feet = additional range in nautical miles. The horizon while standing on the deck is 3.5 miles...from the top of the mast it is 10 miles.

If you want to maximize being seen and seeing others, go up.

GPS does not need height and will work OK under a dodger.

s/v BeBe, SM2k, #387

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The antenna does not work under the dodger---my Garmin handheld does ---I
guess the acr unit is not as good. My thought of mounting it on the port
rail is that I fear interference with the Raymarine GPS antenna already
mounted there.

Fair Winds


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Eric have you thought about putting it on your port aft rail, or under the
dodger? We find that our secondary GPS a hand held works well using its
internal antenna as well as an external.
Your thoughts.
Richard SM209
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