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I already have a dedicated VHF antenna mounted on the mizzen from my receive
only Ais which I replaced with the ACR transceiver. Unfortunately a separate
gps is required with the transceiver by law !!. secondly there is no nmea
input on the unit for the ships gps input.

I have looked at many units hoping to use the ships GPS however I did not
find one.

Fair Winds


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Any chance you could use your current GPS signal and feed it to the AIS?
Not sure why you'd have to have a dedicated GPS for the AIS. I don't see
why you can't use your VHF antenna as well, unless the AIS transponder
interferes with radio transmission...haven't looked into it, but seems like
you could have the AIS transponder disabled whenever you are keying the mic.

I'll be interested to hear what you end up doing.
SM 243

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Eric have you thought about putting it on your port aft rail, or under the
dodger? We find that our secondary GPS a hand held works well using its
internal antenna as well as an external.
Your thoughts.
Richard SM209
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