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I actually have 2 Nasa units I want to sell. On is a AIS black box for a
chart plotter, the other is a stand alone unit that looks like a small

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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Dennis there are a number of stand alone units available take a look at the
Defender site for best price and selection. We successfully use a unit from
NASA hooked via solider to the VHF ant and the gps via nema. If you ck with
Eric on this site I think he has a receive only he wants to sell.
Good luck
Richard on SM 209

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I have been advised that the Furuno chart plotter on my 2003 SM has Navnet
1 software installed and cannot accept an AIS receiver. Can anyone help a i
frequently sail through high density traffic and AIS would be useful to say
the least.
many thanks, Dennis Woods, Il Flauto Magico SM 408

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