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Dear Joel,
thanks for the info--
Fair winds,

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Hi Eric,

The light bulb blues seem to affect all late model Amel owners
from time to
time. Here is some hopefully helpful advice I've gathered over
the years.

Every large city will usually have a store specializing in light
Look in the Yellow Pages under LIGHT BULBS and TUBES. Here in Fort
Lauderdale we have LIGHT BULBS UNLIMITED, (954) 563-6667, and also CAUSEWAY LIGHTING, (954) 764-0970.

Light bulbs unlimited can get ANY light bulb you will ever need.
They are
service oriented and very helpful.

Causeway offers a G4 XENON bulb that is a direct replacement for
halogen at
almost no cost increase. XENON runs cooler, has no U.V. rays,
won't burst
when failing, lasts 5 TIMES as long as halogen and can handle
voltage surges
and spikes much better than halogen. They DON'T recommend using a
28 volt
XENON to replace a 24 volt HALOGEN as light output will decrease.
The 24
volt XENON will handle the 28 volt surges caused by the battery

One thing to remember that is an absolute for almost any type of
incandescent bulb...DON'T TOUCH THEM! Truly, our fingers leave a
little oil
which creates a "hot-spot" which causes premature failure. If you
do touch
the bulb while installing, take a CLEAN cotton cloth with
denatured alcohol
and wipe the bulb, allowing it to evaporate before you turn it
on. I've
tested halogen and regular incandescent bulbs and this "no touch"
really works on almost every bulb on the boat.

I can't wait until they perfect L.E.D. lights!

Hope this helps,
Joel F. Potter, Super Maramu #400

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