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Hi we just used the same SEW Clean it work well WITH one BIG problem it cleaned the seal off our ball valve so that it no longer not a big deal except that when in port we can nolonger use the forward head unit we change out the sea cock. So much for savings. Just as a check we closed the valve fill the holding tank again with water and within a few hours the tank was empty. Lesson learned take care when/if using this stuff We used 1 part chem 6 parts water.

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I believe I have found a good solution for the unenviable task of cleaning and deordorizing toilets on board. The product is “SewClean” meaning sewer clean – see WWW.TRAC-ONLINE.COM. It is non-toxic and biodegradable. It acts the same as muriatic acid as it removes scale and calcium from the pipes, hoses and parts in your toilet.

A one gallon jug of SewClean cost me about US$80 (bought in St Lucia) but you dilute it 5:1 so you end up with 6 gallons of product for treating the toilets. (Since I’m not in the states right now, I don’t know about cost or availability there) First I mixed up a one gallon batch. On the toilet, I pushed the right hand switch (pump only) to empty the toilet system and holding tank of any fluid. Then I shut off the holding tank and taped the vent on deck to make it airtight (per the directions). I then put the 1 gallon batch into the toilet and using pump-only, I pumped it all in, being careful to leave a little of the mix in the bottom of the toilet. Aft er 24 hours, I got in the dinghy and observed at the holding tank drain hole while my wife opened the valve to empty the holding tank. I was astounded by the volume of particles and crud that came out. The product had turned dark reddish-brown, probably a chemical reaction. Next my wife flushed the toilet with sea water several times and a great deal more crud and pieces of beige colored scale were flushed out. Now that we’re done, the toilet flushes well and smells great. For US$15 a treatment, it sure beats spending a miserable day dissassembling and cleaning an entire toilet system.

The same company also makes “Barnacle Buster,” a product that removes calcium deposits from the sea water cooling system in your engine and heat exhanger without the need for disaasembling any systems. I haven’t tried this yet but will send in a report after I do.

I also found a similar product for the toilet called Maritime Express “The Ultimate Descaler.” It’s sold by WWW.SEAFARING.COM in California. It’s only US$30 per gallon from them and I don’t know what dealers might carry it in the US or elsewhere.

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