[Amel] Furler maintenance

Craig Briggs

Hi Kent,

I'd be interested in what you find about the hi-tech line as a standing rigging spare. By the way, on your other post about the out-haul line - do go with the hi-tech-lo-stretch. We got Amel's standard Kevlar core from them for a surprisingly low cost (we were in La Rochelle so no $$ shipping.) Had used XLS before and it was way too stretchy (but is now a great dinghy painter.)

I've seen the quote from the Amel manual before, saying the jib furler is "maintenance free" - imho that's in the same category as "military intelligence" and "telephone service". T'ain't nothin' that's maintenance free forever and I can send you photos of the horribly corroded and worn guts from my furler.

And, while the electric motor lives inside its own cast metal housing, that's sealed by a simple gasket with a finite life. Also, the electric wire entrance just has a rubber compression seal - all subject to deterioration over time. And, btw, while I guess there's a possibility of the furler grease liquifying in hot temps (although it's basically axle grease that's formulated for hi friction temps - oh well) - I'll betcha dollars-to-donuts it's coming out of the gearbox and may well be an emulsion of some sea water and grease.

Maintenance for the electric motors is so simple and inexpensive, I can't see why one wouldn't do it, especially if you're going tran-Pac. If nothing else, just replace the brushes, burnish the commutator and clean out the carbon - you'll guanrantee continued fault-free operation. Then you can replace the seals on the cover and you'll be "maintenance-free" until the next time it's time for maintenance.

Fair winds,
Craig Briggs, s/v Sangaris, Santorin #68, along the Dalmation coast

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