Re: [Amel] portlight "drip guard" & genoa track wheel

john martin <symoondog@...>

Thanks Eric, I was afraid of that, Amel wants 130 euros each, plus shipping,!!!! Oh well, at least I know they will fit and work. I bought spare outhaul lines for the jib and main years ago, I've never used them yet but some dark and stormy night when they break I will know they will fit, be the right size and length, and the light lines to tie it on with. John

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Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 20:22:32 -0400
Subject: RE: [Amel] portlight "drip guard" & genoa track wheel


We just replaced our port wheel with one supplied by Amel.

Roberto had to saw the old one apart as it was frozen together with the s/s
screws. I could not find one anywhere else.

Fair Winds



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Subject: [Amel] portlight "drip guard" & genoa track wheel

Hello All,

Most SM's (as well as other Amel models) seem to have the galley portlight
equipped with a plastic drip guard. Ours is starting to chip and degrade. It
works very nicely and I'd like to have one for the aft head port as well.
The Amel parts department just told me they no longer carry them in stock,
and did not offer any advice about an alternative source. I have never seen
one on another type boat. There is nothing similar on the Goiot web site.
Does anyone know of a source for a similar device ?

Similarly, the black line wheel at the aft end of one of our genoa track
systems has cracked and no doubt the other one will crack soon too. These
are stamped Amel; Amel can provide them for 133 Euros each + shipping to the
US. Does anyone know of an alternate source ?




SM #248

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