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Is this paint available in the USA?

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Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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I have the same program in my Santorin #84 Sisila.
I understood that the "marocchino" (in Italian), i.e. the cable joining top
of main mast and mizzen mast, is electrically insulated in order to be used
as SSB antenna.
Further, a German company http://yachtfunk.
<> com/en/installation.html
produces a SSB ground paint, they can also provide and install the whole SSB
apparatus alla over Med. They are the provider for ARC fleet crossing
Atlantic: a friend on mine used their service in Gran Canaria, before
depart, with a Benetau 50, and now he is happily sailing around Indonesia
and tramitting everyday mails via SSB.
Further, look at http://www.yachtcom <> .info/
Anyhow somebody else may have made the experience with Santorin: let's wait
for an answer
Attilio&Maria SV Santorin#84 Sisila lying in Cagliari

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