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No, I am not using an Intervolt conditioner.

I bought 6 LED bulbs for use in the anchor and tricolor fixture. Four of these bulbs have burned out. I have experienced an average LED bulb life of 950 hours...about the same as incandescent bulbs. My navigation light LED's consume 0.1 amps while the incandescents use 1.0 amps.

The LED bulbs cost me about $30 more than an incandescent bulb and over the 950 hour life of the bulb, save me $31 in energy costs. That is about a break-even. Throwing more money at LED's does not make sense to me. This situation seems to be peculiar to 24 volt systems where LED's do not last as long as they do in 12 volt systems.

LED's sound good, but I would be fooling myself if I considered them cost savers when taking into consideration all of the costs.

When the last two LED's burn out, I will go back to conventional bulbs.

When you ask a retired CFO this kind of question, you are likely to get more than you wanted...I have the sreadsheet to back up the numbers.


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Thank you, Bill.
A couple followup ?'s
Are you using the Intervolt conditioner?  Seems like I read someone's post that they had a surge supressor or conditioner on each/all of the three cabin lite circuits...can't find it any more.  Does anyone have one of these conditioners for the transition to LED bulbs?  Has anyone had problems with their LED's without a conditioner in the system?
I've already had two AquaSignal LED tricolor/anchor lites fail.  AquaSignal said they'd had some problems on some 24 v. boats and sent a surge protector with the second one, but it failed too...interestingly both tricolor lites failed, but both anchor lites worked fine.  I've purchased an ORCA Green tricolor/anchor LED lite.  Anyone have problems with an ORCA, or suggestions regarding installation?
As usual, thank you for your  help.
S/V Kristy

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