Looking to visit an Amel in eastern US or Canada

patrickbodnar <patrickbodnar@...>


As total fans of Amel Boats, my wife and I would like ton confirm our virtual fanatism by visiting an Amel (ideally a Mango). We have sold our C&C in order to clear some dollars to buy a boat that would be better for cruising.

All our searches point to Amels. It's now time to confirm this. We are situated in Montreal, Canada and would not mind driving anywhere on the east coast to visit a boat. Please note that there is no need for the visited boat to be for sale as we would go ahead finding one for sale once confirmed in our choice.

So to make things clearer, would there be anyone on the forum who could have us over for a few hours?

Thanks ahead to time for your replies.

Patrick Bodnar

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