Re: [Amel] Re: "Popeye" & Questions


Thanks, Bill, I'm sure you've looked hard at it.  I'm doing some more research and finding that this is definitely a problem with 24v systems...not so much with 12v.  Apparantly surge suppressors won't protect led's at all.  The folks who sell the Intervolt Power Conditioners say that this product is used extensively for this very application and that they've had very few problems.  It's $205US.  Can buy a lot of incandescents for that, but it may save some in the long run if they last "forever" and require less charging.  Nick Cancro at says that they've modified the Sensibulb and MiniSensibulb to protect against surges/dips/etc. and that no conditioner should be necessary with the newer bulbs.
I'm probably going to go ahead and get the conditioner and gradually add led's as the incandescent's burn out.  I'll let you all know how it works out.


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