Re: [Amel] Volvo turbo on SM

I suppose you are speaking about the wastegate,
The wastegate is *ONLY to LIMIT* the maximum power on a Super Maramu *it
cannot happened *!!

SO DON'T tatch at it let it *CLOSED *that is the best !!

note : see in files section my post


Ian & Judy Jenkins a écrit :

Me again. We have the standard Volvo, 78 hp governed to 60, on Pen
Azen, SM 302.Now 10 years old. Very happy with it. Still putting out
full power after about 2,500 hrs. Last winter I found that the spring
loaded lever which controls the turbo was stuck in the closed
position. The Volvo guy had a look at it and told me just to douse it
with WD 40 , leave it for a few days and then detach the lever from
the little vertical stub which had become immobile and gradually work
the stub free with a wrench. This I did, but when I came to reattach
the lever to the stub I had to pull the lever out from its round
housing containing the spring in order to reattach it to the stub.
Having thus reattached the lever, the position of the stub ( although
the stub is now free)will no longer allow the lever to reenter the
spring housing to the extent that it used to. To me, this means that
the little door within the turbo is now permanently ajar.When I raised
this with the Volvo mechanic he said it was of no concern.It would
only be of concern if the door was permanently closed.However, we do
seem to have a dirtier exhaust since. I would be interested if anyone
could tell me1.Is there a problem with the fact that the lever no
longer goes back into the spring housing to the extent that it used
to?2. If so what should I do about it---probably strip down the turbo
and see what is preventing it.3. Is there a connexion between the
turbo door being ajar ( as I assume it must now be) and a dirtier exhaust?
Thanks, Ian and Judy, Pen azen, SM 302, Plockton

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