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If you had the thermostats "freeze up" due to corrosion like I had, you might try what I did. I removed the knobs and coated the exposed shafts with CorrosionX. I let them sit for 24 hours and re-applied. I let this sit for another 24 hours, reapplied, then used pliers to turn the shafts. First back and forth about 10 degrees, increasing by about 10 degrees until I could rotate the stems freely from min to max.

They have worked fin since this treatment about 6 months ago.

Veco told me the same thing and said that the digital thermostat they they sell will seems to me that I read in this group that someone had installed the digital thermostats.


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I have a defective freezer refrigerator thermostat in my unit under the
settee seat. It has two knobs and a switch between the knobs.

Does anyone have a source for this? I tried Veco USA and they are out of
production. Has anyone installed a digital thermostat? If so where?

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