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Mike Ondra

On Aletes, SM #240 our foredeck and cockpit mizzen mast light are GE 28V50W
part #4502 from for $10.75 ea. The price range on parts it
incredible. This is a good forum to share such information.

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Hi Eric.

The foredeck light is a sealed beam unit the same as the one
mounted on the mizzen and is used in light aircraft and can
be usually purchased locally.

Having just replaced mine I will send you the name next week.
However, I was forced to purchase the complete assembly of
steaming light, foredeck light and plastic shroud from Amel as
the plastic shroud was broken - an expensive option. It comes
complete with the 2 light fittings and has to be riveted to
the mast- a somewhat tricky operation at that height as a
large rivet gun is needed and the shroud has to be secured
in position round the curvature of the mast.



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Subject: [Amel] Foredeck Light

Does anyone know the manufacturer of the foredeck light mounted just
the steaming light?

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite

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