Berth length, outhaul motor and gearbox, water heater

Anne and John Hollamby <annejohnholl@...>

There are pics of the transverse bunk we made on top of the standard fore and aft ones in the aft cabin in the photos section under "changes to Bali Hai" album, one of the oldest so wayback in that section. It works very well and has the bonus that when the boat is heeled one person cn sleep fore and aft on the downhill side.
The search feature will not work for me but I recall that someone gave the details of the makers of the motor and gearbox for the outhaul several years ago. I think I recall Bosch and Leroy??. Can anyone help please?
Eric, thanks for your input on water heaters, it is not often that this forum rates a guffaw.

Best wishes, Anne and John, SM 319

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