[Amel] Re: Rubber companionway seal

Craig Briggs

Hi Kent,
We replaced our deteriorating plywood companionway with a medium tinted plexiglass, which is absolutely super for letting light in when you're closed up either in inclement weather or simply for security while sleeping. Our weather stripping had failed and we didn't want to risk scratching the new plexiglass, so we simply removed it. There's only about a 1/16 inch gap left and the only time water gets in is when we wash down the cockpit - then it drains into the bilge sump thru the hose at the bottom of the well. Keeps it clean. So no replacement at all might be a fine option to consider - I can't imagine it being a safety issue. If you get pooped it would still drain down the hose just fine - but as I recall you're not going around Cape Horn :-)
From: Kent Robertson
Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2010 1:55 PM
Subject: [Amel] Re: Rubber companionway seal
... still haven't found a seal
that will work for the companionway door.
...> Thanks,

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