Re: Cabinetry work


Dolores - s/v Stargazer Hi. Unfortunately M.
DeHaro lives and works in France (La Rochelle, near the
Amel yard) and only speaks French. I can give you his
phone number if you wish. I think your best bet for
advice on varnish work would be to contact Amel, either
directly to M. Selo, After Sales Deptartment or via Joel
Potter.<br>Your woodworking friend is probably right that it is
best not to touch Amel's varnish work. When we sold
our last boat (1982 Maramu) she was 19 years old with
40,000 blue water miles and her varnish looked new. But,
as you've experienced, her headliner was falling
down!<br>Now, get the refurbishing done and sail. That's what
Amel boats are built for.<br>Fair winds,<br>
Charlie<br> S/V Malaika II

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