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I have left my boat during the hurricane season in Grenada at the
marina in Hartman for a number of years with a local taking care of
it. Nothing has ever been stolen. The lines have been tended and
when a storm hit she was properly cared for. There is also a new
marina on the south side of Grenada that I am told is excellent. The
advantage of the marina described below although it is not in the
greatest shape is that it is a moorings station and personnel are
available for almost any service. Do not consider leaving your boat
at the club in St. Georges. There indeed you can encounter crime.


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I intend to base my SM in the Windward Islands this
winter. Most probably Grenada at the Yacht Club Marina
in St. George's or St. Lucia at the Rodney Bay Marina.
I know both and both have seemed safe. A recent issue
of Yachting World suggests otherwise, even speaking of
"all the time crime" on Grenada. The boat will be left
untended for about 4-5 weeks; the rest of the time,
when we're not aboard, there will be a female crew on
board, alone, and her security would also be a
concern, if there is cause. Both these facilities
represent that they have 24 hour guard.
I'd be interested in any thoughts regarding (a) the
boat's security at these facilities, and (b) the
crew's security on the respective islands.
Thanks very much.
Claude Roessiger SM#308, Nanuq

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