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Becoming an owner of an Amel is close to joining a cult. This group is an example of the level of concern and admiration that most Amel owners have of their Amel. In fact, there is about 1 member in this group for possibly every Amel built.

Ah, the price? I believe you should do one of two things in selecting and establishing the value of your Amel: My first choice would be to seek the advice of Joel Potter, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA Phone: +1 (954) 462-5869 Email: jfpottercys"at" (substitute the "at" with a @). If this will not work for you, ask for some advice from an Amel owner. There has to be an owner near you and if you do not know one, you could use this site to find one.

As for the benefits & weaknesses, ask which ever person you use above.

BTW, I have witnessed 3 surveyors who did not have a clue how to fully survey an Amel. They were all confused with the simplicity of the proprietary systems and one surveyor had the audacity to include in his survey some advice for Henri Amel which was ridiculous, like a school boy correcting the professor.

BeBe currently has 2 adults and two children, my wife and two children - 1 eight and the other nine . We find it quite comfortable with plenty of room.

FYI, I recently saw an 1985 Mango for about 190,000 Euro that was a bargain for its condition. It sold for the asking price to someone moving up from a Sharki.

I hope this helps you and I hope you join the "club."


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We are considering buying a Super Maramu from 1991, however with engine and generator from 2007. What would be an appropriate price for a boat this old? Is 200.000 Euros too much asked? And question nr. 2: what are the 5 greatest benefits of the Super Maramu and what are its weekest points. The aim is long term sailing with family (incl. 2 younger kids)in the Med and Caribbean.
Thanks for any advice.
regards, Ingo

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