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Hi again that motor with the right prop will run 24/7 at 2000-2200 pushing her Long at 6 kts or better depending on prop sea And your bottom being clean.

Richard Piller

On Jul 24, 2010, at 14:22, Belit Bh <> wrote:

Thanks for the info Richard, Ric and Deborah,

As per the engine / prop - anymore feedbacks as well as any experience with
modifiation of propeller? as well, what is the recommended cruising RPM for such
engine original (Perkins)


As per the sensor - it doesn't look broken, only that the housing is a bit
deformed could water come in? can i just fill around?

As per the side in Greece - we are East currently.

The deep scratch - will take this as deep scrath to be patched.

The keel - I take this as to only patch if at all, did not see serious rust.

Thanks, Belit

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Hi regarding the speed censor what ever side he broke needs to be repaired
before going in. It is suggest you remove and clean the area block off out side
fill the hole with barrier type epoxie drill a new hole at the same angle to be
sure the two censors are in alining properly. Do not take any short cuts with
this fix. If you are not comfortable ask Amel for send a man to do it and have
him bring the parts along.

You will find info on this site regarding painting the decks.

The copper and the crack w/o see it can't help you.

Regarding the keal it is cover with gelcoat type material if you blast it away
read the West Systems web site for the fix which is 15 coats of barrier coat to.
Keep it from leaking and rusting. Better you clean it up and better assess the
problem. If you need to do some work sand clean and coat with epoxy and barrier
coat right away do not let light rust start or it will not bond

Good luck And while it is out and dry check for blister and fix them per West
Richard Piller

On Jul 23, 2010, at 13:44, "deborah" <> wrote:


Is it East coast of Greece or West? We have a few contacts in the West if this
would be of any help


Deb and John
Orion1 (Maramu)

--- In, Belit Bh <belitbh@...> wrote:

We have just bought our Santorin 1992 hull #69 last week and we have put her

dry for couple of months. We have few questions on issues we have observed

wanted to have some good advice from Amel owners; sorry for asking all this

once but it will be understood if will get answers in pieces…:
1.     When hauled out, unfortunately the crane operator chose to ignore

directions and put the strip over the sonic speed sensor â€" not sure if any
damage but seem like the cover has smashed a bit in a way it created some

between the sensor and the cover â€"

a. can water come in the boat from there when relaunching?
b. should the gap created be filled with polyester?
2.     We have also observed a vertical scratch on the ‘wing’
holding the

rudder just below the lower spindle going down â€" I wouldn’t spend time to
ask o
this unless the scratch is just parallel to copper line which was revealed,

there a specific sensitivity in this area? Or just a scratch to be covered

3.     The engine is the original and seems to be ok, never overhauled

approx 2,500hrs, the only thing it appears to be a bit lazy with speed of 5
knots in flat see (2,900-3,000 rpm).

a. what is the recommended highest rpm for cruising?
b. will change of prop or pitch will lead to better result (it looks like the
prop is designed for more power rather than speed)?
4.     To clean the bilge area, any problem to use the chemicals for

5.     I would like to add an air condition for the next summer â€"
16btu for aft

and main cabin sounds ok?
6.     The false teak deck needs attention â€" which paint? What
7.     Should the iron keel be sand blasted after sometime? Our iron

doesn’t look smooth and it might time for it â€" any tips?
8.     Last question â€" any recommendation for good boat yard Greece to

Otherwise we very happy with our Santorin.

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