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Thank you to all that responded to my question regarding insurance. I have been waiting for Pantaenius to come up with a quote for my new SM 2000, for I have always believed them to be the best in the business. That was until recently when the underwriters have forced their hand. They have now had to exclude many areas to the cruising community, and there are now minimum crew requirements. I will forward details once I have them all, though many of us will hear the bad news when it comes to renewal time. The only way forwards might be to ask Pantaenius to seek other underwriters. I have heard promising reports of an underwriting company called I.N.G. being sympathetic to the long distance cruiser. I guess it comes down to being able to make a profit at the end of the day, and Pantaenius have had some bad experiences during the past few years which the underwriter's cannot continue to pay out on. As yachts get more and more expensive, and the need for insurance is more necessary to protect our investment, it looks as if we are going to find ourselves increasingly isolated.

Fair Winds

Ian Shepherd

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