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Hi Eric,

You should be able to delete, since these were yours, unless you have changed your account ID after posting them. Pls, check it by posting a test photo and deleting it.

If you cannot delete the old ones, let me know which ones you want to delete and I will do it for you.

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I finally was able to post some photos that I have on Kimberlite, melted muffler, power monitor panel, mast section drawing, tool box, genoa furler factory drawing, speed 19.5 over ground, stainless seachest manifold, A factory sketch of an inner forestay arrangement.
my solution to supporting the sb antenna.

I also tried driving out the outhaul shaft using a sledge hammer and a strong bolt --no luck. I finally resorted to removing the boom turning it upside down and removing the the bottom cover of the outhaul shaft drive. I cleaned out the keyway as best as possible and used PB , a rust breaker. I then got the biggest sledge hammer I could find and after about 30 hits the shaft came free. I supported the boom on wood at the mast end with wood which took most of the force and wood along the deck to protect the boom and deck.

How do I delete the other Kimberlite photo files?
fair winds
SM 376.

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