Unscrupulous Brokers

Ian Shepherd <g4ljf@...>

Thanks to the advertisement that I placed on this excellent web site some months ago, my SM 2000 "Crusader" has now been sold. However, I would like to draw your attention to what happens when you advertise your boat here. Brokers scan these pages and see an opportunity to make a commission. Bollman Yachts did this and contacted me in a very professional manner, arranged a contract between us, placed their own advertisement, and duly sold my boat. They did a first class job.

However, not all brokers are like Bollmans. Another broker (boats4ever.com) advertised my boat without ever making any contact with me at all! They told a Swiss couple that my boat was for sale, who then purchased non refundable airline tickets from Zurich to Grenada to see the boat. This broker made no contact with me regarding whether the boat was still available before they bought their tickets, and it was only by luck that their Grenada representative found out at the last moment that a sale had already been agreed on "Crusader" through Bollmans. This prevented them from actually making the trip, but as far as I know, they lost their air fares. It was subsequent to this that boats4ever.com did in fact email me saying that they had a higher offer, but I have principles and stuck with the lower offer that I had accepted through Bollman Yachts.

Whilst I should be grateful to have my boat advertised for free, the way in which this particular company went about doing so was hardly ethical. I received distressing emails, phone calls and faxes from the unfortunate Swiss couple who were very keen to buy. I feel very sorry about the way in which they were treated by boats4ever.com, and I hope that they will eventually receive rightful compensation.

I guess the lesson to be learnt is that if you advertise your boat here, it would be wise to add "not for sale through a broker unless a formal contract is made first".

Thanks to all of your who showed an interest.

Best Wishes

Ian Shepherd

SM 2000 # 299 "Crusader"

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