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I agree with Richard. I carry two outboards - a 3 and a 5 horsepower, both 2 cycle Yamahas. You can find parts all over the world. The 9.9 HP is the same weight and size as the 15 Hp. This is the size that is stolen the most. I've never seen a fisherman use a 3 HP motor, hence they are stolen only by other cruisers. I can lay my outboard on its side or upside down if I want to. The 4 cycle has a crankcase and I'd worry about oil spilling. My wife and I easily get the outboards off the dinghy and onto the boat from the stern steps. I carry a small dinghy (8.5 ft) for the small outboard when I'm alone or its just the 2 of us on board. We also have an 11' dinghy that is very light and easily handled by two people. We don't have davits so when moving between anchorages, we either put the dinghy on the foredeck, on top of the aft cabin roof, or sometimes just pull it halfway up the stern (both of them fit just exactly between the aft fixed stanchions). Carrying a spare outboad and dinghy makes good sense when you are off to distant places just in case you lose one and not in a place you can buy another one. Think about being in the Tuamotus when you lose your only dinghy. My advice is to get a small engine, aren't you cruising? I will never understand why a person will sail at 6-8 knots for thousands of miles to get to paradise and a quiet life, and then have to speed around in his dinghy at 25 knots to go a half-mile to the shore.

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Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2010 08:15:56 -0400
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Kent the the leak in more then likely to be the " pipe hole " for the chain under the windlass. You can access it from the port side locker. You'll find a ware hold from the chain. The fix is to 5200 a SS half pipe to guide the chain.

We use an Aquapro 10 footer with an alum bottom and push it with a 2 or a 6 up four stroke my wife can start both.

We have used a real BarQ with charcoal it works verywell.

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Hi, all. Hope you're all having a good summer (or winter, as the case may be). I've got some questions about which I'd like your opinions.

Bow Locker Drains:
I'm accumulating salt water in the bow lockers. Finally got around to removing the drain plug and buggered it up enough in the process that it'll have to be replaced. The seals seem to be in good shape and I can't see where else the water would be getting in. Any ideas? Also wondered why I'd want to put the plug in anyway...only thing I can think of is that water could get in from the chain locker if the boat was holed. That wouldn't happen until the bow was down quite a bit, but I guess it could make a difference.

I bought a lite-wt dink from W. Marine last Fall, but it's so lightly built that it's not safe (I can go into detail if you like). I want to get a 10 ft. RIB that's tough enough to withstand the cruising life, but as light weight as possible. I want a fairly dry ride in a chop. I'm adding davits this Summer if that makes a difference. I'm interested in your experiences and thoughts about dinks you've had..what not to buy, what's been a great one, etc.

I have 2006 15HP and 6HP Honda 4-stroke outboards that came with the boat. The 15 is very heavy. Neither has been reliable and parts/mechanics have been hard to find in Galveston and the Caribbean. My girlfriend can't pull-start the 15. I'm thinking about getting a 10HP, or a 15 and a smaller one. Thinking I'll get 2-stroke instead of 4 because of the weight issue. What are your thoughts about electric starting for outboards? 2-stroke vs 4-stroke? Brands that are easy to find parts for and mechanics to work on them around the world?

BBQ Grills:
I bought a Magna propane grille ~14" in diameter that won't stay lit in any kind of a breeze. I'm going to buy something else, but am kind of gun shy about spending $3-400 on one that I don't know anything about. Again, would like to know what you've tried and found works well, and what you've found that you'd recommend I NOT get.

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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