1998 Super Maramu for Sale

pheyden2000 <amel98@...>

We have a 1998 Super Maramu for sale in California, U.S.A.
This one has LOTS of options, including the 2 chest freezers under
the seats, I-Com SSB with the tuner, 2 autopilots, a complete 110
volt system with a 1800 watt inverter,and a new 100 watt charging
sysem, also a new Balmar alternator, and water maker, and much MORE!
We just had an out of the water survey in May of 2003 which put the
boat at $522.000.
We are asking $450.00 and open to all options.
You can reach us for more info at AMEL98@DELLEPRO.COM or 775 265-5767
Peter on Liebling.

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