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By way of follow up on this project:

The 24 meter cable as supplied by B&G as part of the masthead receptacle is
indeed long enough for the job on the Amel SM 2000. The wires go to a junction
box in the wire chase above the forward cabin companionway. They thread up into
the mast from inside the boat, whereupon the wire makes a rather sharp "S" turn
in the base of the mast, and then proceeds up the mast. You need to remove the mast
access cover on the starboard side of the main mast base (two screws) and have
someone feed the cable from the mast base while you pull the cable up and out of the mast.

Tie a messenger line to the cable as you you remove it so you can thread the new
cable into place. Amel left three spare messenger lines in the mast just in case.
The job was quick and relatively easy.

As noted, in the B & G owners manual it says to coat the receptacle with silicone
grease to prevent corrosion. This I have done both to the front and back side of
the receptacle. I suspect dissimilar metal corrosion between the stainless steel
mounting bracket, the aluminum receptacle and the mild steel retaining nut.
To help prevent this, I treated everything with Lanacoat prior to re-assembly.
I will let you all know in 8 years if that treatment worked.

I do remove my masthead indicator during the times I am off the boat, which is
about 9 months of the year.

All the best to you great Amel owners,

Gary Silver
SM 2000
Hull # 335

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Dear Gary and amel owners- My Masthead b&g stopped working last year. We
went up the mast and could not unscrew the mast or pylon from the mast head
. The mast I believe is not grounded so the entire apparatus for wind
speed/direction corroded. I sent it to the B&G repair place in Flda. He has
seen other amel B&G's like this . We were able to pull a new cable through
and remove the old one. The more pressing point is that B&G recommended
taking the pylon or strut off by unscrewing it and putting silicone grease
on it or any other suitable lube or the entire insides will corrode like
Sundance 's sm349. Get ready to replace it all. Very expensive lesson to
learn. Can easily be done dockside with two people. It does attach to the
wire attachment point in the box on the bulkhead near the forward head. Make
a drawing of what colored wires go where. Bennett bros. Yachts did the with
me in Wilmington dockside. Murray Seidel. 910-470-1225

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Hi Ian and Judy:
Thanks for that information. Please confirm a couple of other items for me
if you would:
1. Is the 24 meter cable long enough?
2. Am I correct that the cable goes to a junction box in the wire chase
above the forward cabin companionway?
As always, thanks a bunch.


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Hi Gary, I had the same problem on my SM2000, no. 302, launched June 2000,
and you will be pleased to hear that the cables were all separate. Cheers,
Ian and Judy, Pen Azen.

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Subject: [Amel] Electrical Cable Replacement in Main Mast

Hello All:

I am just back from getting Liahona recommissioned after hurricane
storage ashore in Antigua. During refitting of the mast-head B & G Type 213
wind meter at the main mast-head I discovered that the aluminum threaded
socket into which it threads, was cracked and I could not screw the wind
instrument mast into it. I will post a photo of this failure mode in the
photo's section.

The plug (B & G PN 178-0B-001, Plug, Bracket and 24 meter cable) can be
replaced at a cost of approx. US$ 375.00 but has a 24 meter integral cable
that must be chased down the mast. It appears that the cable comes to a
junction box in the wire chase above the forward head hallway. My question
to you knowledgeable members is this: are the cables in the mast tie wrapped
together by Amel when the boat is manufactured, which will prevent pulling
the new cable in using the old cable as a messenger line OR are all cables
threaded separately? My hope is to use the old cable to pull the new cable.
Any prior experience or info from Joel or the factory would be appreciated.

Best to all, Gary Silver Amel SM2000 Hull # 335


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