Re: [Amel] B&G Sonic Speed sensor and "the barnacle"

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Bill in the forward cabin there is a through hull sending unit for the speed sensor
You can remove it ( be sure to have a wood plug to fit the hole) and replace the unit. I simply don't know If the "seawater" sensor comes out with it. I seem to "think and that is always dangerous" it does. The other question can you get the needed replacement parts locally I think Amel is closed for summer French holidays. I will see if I can find a solution here in Annapolis. There
Must be a BG dealer here that knows.
Richard Piller

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It is the upper hull-mount sensor i.e the rear facing sensor.

s/v BeBe

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Bill this looks like the lens and and cover. Can or will you please confirm that your photo is from the "upper" hull mount sensor and not the keel unit. I think if it is the upper you can access-it from the forward cabin. If it is the keel you most likely have a big job on your hands. We have an SM and getting to the keel unit would be a major pain to the point that I'd consider putting in a new speed and water temp unit in place of the forward sensor. I know it's not Amel but given your current location well we all do what we have to do. In any case we would NOT go to sea w/0 a fix or at least fast expoxie on the hole and deal with later. Good luck.
Richard Piller

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