[Amel] Mast Painting Paint Code



Would you happen to know if the quoted Renault White 348 as used on the
Sharki masts is the same paint code Amel applied on the Super Maramu 2000?

Frank Newton
SM 2K 321 'Bootlegger of Mann'

For those who may be considering re-painting or making repairs to the
mast/boom paintwork.

Renault White 348 is the paint code that I believe to be correct. It
certainly matches the existing colour on our 1989 Sharki very closely.

I had to both prepare and paint our masts and booms outside in the UK in
October of last year in between rain showers and gales, so although a two
pack finish would have been preferred I did not have the conditions to
apply it. As a result I used Seajet 017 Epoxy Bonding Prima for Alloys and
a fast, air drying, drying roller applied enamel originally manufactured
for painting plant and machinery.

I found that other than where the original paint had flaked off, usually
around fittings or welds etc, that the original coating was still in very
good condition and very well adhered to the aluminium substrate. The
surface was very chalky which required de-greasing and sanding to provide
a key for the new coating doing so proved to be unusual in that the
surface would sand easily but return to a semi gloss with the wipe of a
cloth. My paint guru suggested a ceramic epoxy perhaps? I have no idea but
the new stuff seems to have stuck pretty well.

The final gloss finish is excellent but obviously it is not as hard as a
two pack, an advantage over a two pack though is that the enamel is touch
dry in 20 minutes and is very easy to touch up and blend in should it be
necessary. So far the finish has withstood the worst winter in the UK for
30 years and a good soaking up in the Outer Hebrides this summer. I am
hoping it lasts for another 10 years, we shall see!

Regards Graham
Sharki 181 `Zephyr'

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