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Hi, markerdos,
I've owned "Kristy" for 2 1/2 years now.  She's a 1999 SM2000 hull #243.  She sat essentially unused on a lake in Texas for 5 years or so before I bought her.  I've had to add new sails, a new VHF, replaced the running rigging, now replacing the standing rigging, replacing the outhaul and main furling gear boxes, and have spent a lot of $ chasing a problem with the Vovo that's looking like it was an overpropping problem all along...jury's still out, but I've got an essentially completely overhauled Volvo that should last me a long time.  Most everything else I've done has been routine maintenance (or what should have been routine).  The hull is sound, not a blister anywhere.
Of course it will depend on the boat you buy and how well it's been maintained, but I'd have no hesitation about buying a 10 yr old Amel.  I'm counting on Kristy lasting me another 15-20 years.
Good luck on your search and welcome to the family.

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Dear Amel Owners,

My wife and I are about to fulfill our life-long dream and enter the world of full time cruising. We have saved and sacrificed over the years to finally reach this point. We have enough savings that we can comfortably cruise for 8-10 years. We both have moderate sailing experience and figured we would step in slowly and grow our experience with our next boat. We owned a 38ft Cheoy Leak for 15 years and have the basics down pat. We sold Water-Melon about 5 years ago as we became land-locked with a job. It was over 20 years old by the time we sold it and was fully committed to self-destruct. We spent more time repairing than we did sailing.

Here is the question that has been hanging over us for quite some time. We really like the Amel for reasons you all are already very familiar with. Amel is at the top of our list. But, they are not cheap. Our budget for our next boat is limited. How old is too old? Amel's in our price range tend to be about 10 years old. What can we expect from an Amel as it turns 15+ years old? My belief is at any point in a boat life, it reaches a point where things start to break faster than they can be repaired. I would like to cruise safely and not spend all my time chasing after parts and doing repairs.

I am very much looking forward to hearing your opinion

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