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Sorry for the delay in answering your request, I have been travelling
extensively lately. And I see that Joel has supplied you with other
sources of bulbs and another solution. As for me I get mine from a
small wholesale shop here in Fort Lauderdale, Tropical Marine; he
carries all sorts of europeam electrical equipment here in Fort
Lauderdale, even those italian, in line 3 prongs plugs found on Amels
for 24V (they are in fact 220 V plugs) (he supplies those big italian
motor yachts I guess!). I believe he is cheeper than other suppliers.
Also, a bigger electrical shop and contractor, Ward Electric, has them.

Tropical Marine:
Contact: Ghassan Habayeb,
phone 954 763 1366, fax 954 763 5280, e-mail:

Ward's Marine Electric
Phone 954 523 2815
Fax 954 523 1967

Good luck.
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I have also heard of the mast head tri-color being replaced with a
28 volt bulb. where did you get the halogen bulbs at 28 volts?
sm 376

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I have SM #135 and recently changed the original 50 amp charger
for a
Mastervolt 100 amp, with smart regulation. And I began to burn all
halogen bulbs because the charger goes to 28.5 V. The solution was
switch to 28V bulbs, as recommended by Mastervolt. I have had no
problem since, but cannot tell yet how long they will last.

Good Luck.

Daniel Goffaux
on "Passion"

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When installing the halogen bulbs, you MUST clean the bulb first
alcohol and then not touch it with your fingers. This is true
if you remove the bulb from the package without touching it.
bulbs are exceptionally sensitive to contamination. I keep a
bottle of alcohol in the same tupperware box as the spare
bulbs. My bulb life is up dramatically.

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Untitled DocumentWe have had "Linnea" fore about 9 months
#366). We have to change our interior light bulbs all the time
(particular the small halogen ones). Even though we try to not
all the lights on, we end up switching out about 2-3 light bulbs

When we talked to Amel about it a while back, they explained
the problem is with the "Smart Charger" (an option we bought)
it pushes the voltage up to 28V frequently (when you are on
power) which is to much for the halogen light bulbs. This makes
of sense, but it's still frustrating to switch out light bulbs
the time.

Does anybody else have the same problem?

S/Y Linnea
Walter Lundstrom

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