Re: Crash Bar In Front of Galley Stove


Vito,<br>I will return to the US for a month or
two to see family and friends, then back aboard in
February.<br><br>I have an SSB, but since I installed the Raytheon
RL80C combined radar and chart plotter the SSB is
installed in the left hand section where the separate chart
plotter would be. So I still have the Amel
logo.<br><br>The hanging locker shelves are across the back of the
two large lockers. Two shelves in each locker. The
other shelf is over the foul weather gear locker and
makes an excellent place to keep small items without
cluttering the chart table.<br><br>One other items I forgot
to mention is a place to store charts. It is
installed in the companionway flush against the wall
nearest the fuel tank and only sticks out about 4cm (less
than 2 inches). The top third opens and allows easy
access to the charts. It holds a surprising number of
charts. I have about 75 in there now and it isn't
full.<br><br>Charlie<br>S/V Malaika II

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