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Nope its not the keel the rudder or even the boom BUT the headlining i
suspect :-) when the heat gets to the foam backed vinyl linings they do more
than droop.



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I'm going to show my inexperience again...Amel droop?
SM 243

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Subject: [Amel] We are just about ready!
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Date: Tuesday, August 10, 2010, 4:14 PM

We have a 1979 Amel Maramu in which we are just about to do the same as
yourselves! We have had the hull checked out and it is sound we have of
course had some refitting to do but rest assured we have already put her
through her paces in a Force 9 going through Tarifa and she was up to
anything that the elements flung at her that night! She is our pride and joy
and we have already had some great sailing and are looking forward to many
more great sailing Years. The only real issue we have had is the Amel droop
which is common to a lot of older boats but we have just about finished
dealing with that now. With good maintenance and regular updating of
equipment 15 year old Amels are mere adolescents!!

Best of luck and in case you haven't got the right impression you will have
to go a long way to beat an Amel!! (LOL)

Deb and John
SV Orion1

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