Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Anchor wash pump

Ian Shepherd <g4ljf@...>

Hi Bill,

I know how you feel! I think that many of us have experienced the same problem. If you don't get a suitable replacement pump, it might be worth noting that Amel now fit a higher voltage motor to the pump which reduces the stress on the body. I fitted one to Crusader, but as she is now sold, I cannot say for sure that it solves the problem completely.

It you get a side fed pump, there should be no problem re-routing or extending the tubes. I put a pressure stat in my lines so that I could feed a deck wash point via a diverter valve without over pressurizing the pump when the hose was in the off position. It worked well, though in my new boat Amel have suggested something better. They are fitting a higher pressure fresh water pump (its a monster), and the deck wash will now be fresh water, using of course the existing pressure stat to switch the pump off.

If you do find a good replacement Bill, be sure to let us all know. Regards to Sarah.

Ian Shepherd

Ex SM 2000 # 299 "Crusader"

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