Re: Shaft pitting on Dessalator low pressure pump

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I am guessing that you have a 230 volt 160 liter water maker...if so:

This may be what you are looking for...a Magnetic Drive March May pump AC-5P-MD 230v 1020 gph max for $149...see it at: I bought one of these as a spare for the A/C salt water supply pump that is probably near its end of life. I also listed it in the "Amel Parts" database on this website along with email contacts for the owner.

Take care because the above pump may be too big. Dessalator told me: "The specifications of the low pressure pump are : 300W 900l/h." However, they did not tell me the pressure specs. I assume that too high pressure, or too low could be problematic...and the above pump is about 4 times the flow of the Dessalator pump.

Does anyone know the pressure specs of the Dessalator low pressure pump on the 160 liter system?

Or you can contact Dessalator. I received a recent quote from them: "COMPLETE LOW PRESSURE PUMP 230V POMPE_BP_230V Euros 801,70. I decided to use the rebuild kit that I had in spares.

Hope this helps, or gives you some options.


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Leaking from the impellor housing is caused by pitting on the impellor shaft, the seals are fine, however how can the shaft be repaired or replaced or can the pump be replaced with an after market pump and if so, what brand?

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