Membership Change Effective Immediately


Starting today, membership in *our* Amel forum will be restricted.
No longer will individuals be able to sign up without my prior
approval. I am doing this because of the posting earlier today of a
pornographic message. This is the first time I believe we've had
this time of 'spam' posted to our forum and it'll be the last. In
the past we've had other spam, but I've erased these and banned
those users from our site.

All interested individuals will still be invited to join! I will
just ask a few questions beforehand to those that wish to join.
Generally, spammers will not go to this trouble so we should see an
end immediately to offensive posts.

I am happy to see the varied dialogue that's been generated by many
of the members. I can say that personnally I've learned a lot and
find this forum very valuable.

Many thanks to every one of you for making this a great success!

Fair winds,

Richard Tate
SM#5 Spice

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