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We also have a small problem with the same sensor (posted few weeks ago), and
was actualy wonderring: why is it needed at all, as most of us have more then
one GPS aboard which indicates the speed more reliebly? I might be giving up too
easy, but is there any real loss by just forgetting about it?

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I have contacted the main B&G support in Viareggio.
They told me that the neoprene extension is mainly for protection of the
For now you can sail but you have to keep it cleaned, obviously with great
The technician was working and sailing out of these days there
is a lot of work, but he told me that as soon as possible, with the trasducer in
his hands, he could check how to re-attach the extension under water..if
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It is the upper hull-mount sensor i.e the rear facing sensor.

s/v BeBe

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Bill this looks like the lens and and cover. Can or will you please confirm
that your photo is from the "upper" hull mount sensor and not the keel unit. I
think if it is the upper you can access-it from the forward cabin. If it is the
keel you most likely have a big job on your hands. We have an SM and getting to
the keel unit would be a major pain to the point that I'd consider putting in a
new speed and water temp unit in place of the forward sensor. I know it's not
Amel but given your current location well we all do what we have to do. In any
case we would NOT go to sea w/0 a fix or at least fast expoxie on the hole and
deal with later. Good luck.

Richard Piller


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